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When traditional methods have failed, we are often able to help. Many chronic migraine patients suffer from nerve compression that is similar to that which I have been treating for many years in other parts of the body.  Our approach focuses on determining whether there are any peripheral nerves in the head or neck area that could account for chronic headache / migraine symptoms using a combination of a history, comprehensive physical exam and nerve blocks. 

The results have been very positive and have validated my decision to make helping migraine sufferers as a primary career goal. More than 3 million Americans (and many more people globally) are afflicted by chronic migraines. It is my privilege to make a difference.



The occipital region is the area in the back of the scalp/head. It is one of the most commonly treated areas for patients seeking surgical relief from chronic headaches.




The frontal region is located, as the name suggests, in the front of the head, specifically the forehead and glabella (that region between your eyebrows).




The temporal region is located at the side of the head/scalp - i.e. the temples. Most people that experience discomfort in these areas that is caused by nerves have these symptoms as a result of 2 primary offending nerves.




The nasal region is a somewhat unique area of the head/face which can be a source of chronic headache symptoms often misdiagnosed as migraines.


My name is Dr. Ziv Peled. Welcome to the home page for my practice, Peled Migraine Surgery. I live in the San Francisco Bay area and work as a Plastic and Peripheral Nerve Surgeon at Peled Migraine Surgery.

People often ask me, 'How did you get involved with peripheral nerve surgery after a plastic surgery residency at Harvard?' The answer comes in two parts.  First, many people don't realize that plastic surgical training involves work with many types of soft tissues including, skin, muscle, fat, bone and yes, nerves.  We would often get called upon to re-attach limbs that had been amputated in accidents and as part of those procedures, we would repair the injured nerves in order to restore function and sensation.  Secondly, in deciding what type of surgeon I would become and what I would do following my training, I happened upon a colleague and friend who was doing some interesting surgical work with patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy.  I spent some time with him and did several operations with him during my Chief Residency year and after that experience knew that I had found what I would ultimately do with my life.  After a whole additional year of training focusing on and learning how to operate on peripheral nerves, I landed in the Bay Area and knew I had found my new home, where I ultimately founded Peled Migraine Surgery.

Given my passion for peripheral nerve surgery, I expanded my practice to include chronic headache patients, many of whom suffer from nerve compression very similar to that which I have been treating for many years in other parts of the body.  The results for chronic headache patients have been wonderful and have mirrored those published in the literature.  The benefit I often see in these headache and other nerve patients have validated my career decision.  I genuinely feel that I make positive and substantive changes in peoples lives on a daily basis and this feeling is the reason I became a physician in the first place.  My nerve patients are consistently amongst my most grateful and the satisfaction which comes from their improvement is really impossible to put into words. I truly hope that other physicians feel as I do almost every day and hope to be able to continue this work with you and many other patients for years to come.  Please, contact us today to make an appointment in our San Francisco or Walnut Creek locations.


Ziv M. Peled, MD


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