I just want to take a moment to give a shout out to Dr. ZIV PELED who did my bi-lateral occipital excision/transectioning of all occipital nerves in June 2017.
Yesterday, after 3 years of not being able to put a helmet on my head and ride my motorcycle trike.......I went for a TWO hour ride!!!!!!
THANK YOU for giving me back my life once again!


By the time I got my decompression surgery I was pretty much planning my suicide. It's all I could think about. I'm so thankful for this group and Chloe and the fact that that it led me to Dr. Peled. He gave me my life back. Hang in there.


Dr. Peled is a miracle worker. My daughter went from being totally incapacitated by pain for 2 years to headache free! She never has headaches anymore. Dr. P and his staff are amazingly kind, understanding & KNOWLEDGEABLE. I cannot possibly have higher praise for this practice.


Dr.Peled is a AMAZING DOCTOR great bed side manner. Always able to answer any questions. For 4 years I struggled with chronic daily migraines. I had nerve decompression surgery on December 7th - 8weeks post surgery no migraines. Still healing from surgery and have surgery pain If there is any chance you think he would be able to help you do a consult so thankful I did. So thankful to have Dr. Peled as my doctor. Thank you Dr. Peled and staff.


This is a horrible disease... But I will shout from the rooftops that Ziv Peled saved my husband's life. I am eternally grateful to this man. We went around to several states even had surgeries every medication you could think of and then we found Ziv Peled. He's honest, confident, knowledgeable and personable. He was our last hope. My husband isn't back to who he was yet but he is without pain and without taking medication!! He has a ways to go due to being in bed for the last two years...he's weak, tires easily can't handle the heat but his pain is 95 percent better!! I praise Ziv Peled with everything I have. If you have true occipital neuralgia he can help!


I had surgery in 2015 with another surgeon that failed... just about three years later I decided to give it another chance , but with Dr Peled. Im thankful everyday I did! He is very educated and has a deep understanding of occipital neuralgia / migraines. I had surgery with him in April 2018 and a second one just in December 2018. Still healing, but still feeling much better than I previously did prior to surgery with him. My pain is much more manageable most days. If you are a chronic suffer, you need to call Dr Peled ! And as many others say, his office staff is awesome! They are very personable and make you feel like family.


Dr Peled and his staff (CareyAnn especially) were an answer to prayer. Nothing is worse then watching your daughter suffer from migraines and Occipital Neuralgia. They made the decision to have surgery easy by explaining the process, administering test blocks and laying out the entire plan to a nervous mom. What was even better is the care after surgery. Dr. Peled is always available to answer questions and calls us frequently for updates. He is a part of our team now. So very thankful for care we received before, during and after surgery. 3 months after Decompression Surgery, my daughter was able to live her dream of studying abroad in Spain. Now that’s results!



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