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What Are the Published Results?


At this point there are over 40 peer-reviewed publications from the US, Europe and Asia that demonstrate successful results with headache surgery. One study from Georgetown University followed 190 patients who had migraines secondary to occipital neuralgia (i.e. peripheral nerve compression) and who underwent surgical treatment. At an average follow-up of one year, 80.5% of patients experienced 50% or greater pain relief and over 40% of the patients experienced complete relief of their headaches (Ducic, et al, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, May, 2009, 1453-1461). In addition, another study published just last year demonstrated that at 5 years post-surgery, these benefits persist with continued reductions in headache severity, frequency, and/or duration (Guyuron, et al, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, February, 2011, 603-608). Dr. Peled’s results are comparable to these results and as you can see by going to the ‘Testimonials’ page, a numbr of his patients are now headache-free. He has published several papers that continue to refine our understanding of the anatomy of the nerves being treated and has even pioneered a novel approach to one of these nerves (Peled, et al, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open, March, 2016, e639; Peled, ZM, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, May, 2016, 1597-1600.)  It is estimated that migraines afflict over 36 million people in the United States alone. The annual cost to the healthcare system in terms of ER visits, medications, injections and lost productivity is estimated to be in the range of $15 billion per annum. Fortunately, the surgical treatment noted above continues to demonstrate extremely promising results.

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