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Ziv M. Peled M.D. Presents Burning Migraine Questions Episode 7 April 4, 2019


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Ziv M. Peled M.D. Presents Burning Migraine Questions Episode 7 April 4, 2019

Dr. Peled answered the following questions:

  • 0:32 Is Occipital Neuralgia truly idiopathic or is the cause more often than not some sort of compression? Have you ever encountered inflammation of the nerve with no visible cause?
  • 6:10 Why do surgeons use different incision techniques for the same procedure? Is one technique better than another?
  • 7:34 Do you use botox injections for chronic migraines?
  • 12:46 What is your opinion on occipital nerve blocks for neck pain relief and how often should they be done?
  • 16:27 Why could you get a rebound headache after an occipital nerve block?
  • 23:02 I was told by another provider to never get nerve decompression surgery because the nerves would grow back, regenerate and cause more pain. Can nerves regrow? Can scar tissue prevent subsequent decompression surgery?
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Ziv M. Peled, M.D. Answered Your Burning Migraine Questions Episode 6 March 21, 2019

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Ziv M. Peled, MD answers your Burning Migraine Questions! In Episode 6:

0:32 Does the lesser occipital nerve innervate areas typically innervated by the auricular temporal nerve or does it innervate further up the head?
2:55 How does a patient know whether they are a candidate for a second nerve decompression operation if the first one failed or only produced partial success?
7:35 Can occipital neuralgia cause symptoms or pains in other parts of the body?
9:40 A patient fell down steps and hit the lower part of her head and lower back, and has been in horrible pain ever since. She has symptoms including dysesthesia, or altered sensation: her hair hurts and she hates having people touch it. What is going on?
14:30 Is burning the nerve (radiofrequency ablation) suggested?
20:15 I have a lot of nausea associated with my migraines. Will surgical intervention relieve that?
22:50 If one doesn't respond to nerve blocks, are you not a candidate for nerve decompression surgery?
25:55 If you have a nerve stimulator implanted in the cervical area and is wasn't successful, does that preclude you from having surgery?
27:50 A lot of surgeons have any number of different incisions to access nerves. Which one is better?

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