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Written Testimonials

Ziv Testimonial

JS ImageThis will always be one of my favorite moments.  I will get there, again.

Nine months of zero pain was the best gift I have ever received.  Thanks again Dr. Peled.

New weight training shoes! These b-----s are going to help me lift my 10-15 lb weights, like a boss. Lol. Working back up to bodybuilder status 5 lbs at a time. Gettin' it back baby! Taking it slow and easy, Ziv Peled!


TW Testimonial


My words and thoughts two years ago, after I had my head surgery. Thank you all again to everyone that supported me. And also a big shout out to my doctor that made it all possible to live pain free, Doctor Ziv Peled

Hi everyone, thank you for the love, thoughts and prayers.They certainly have worked and lifted e high in spirit.  I am very much blessed to be here and also not hurt in any way for I was in good hands and I know I made the right choice by switching to the best doctor in the country who was way cross country. I don't expect anyone to understand that but it comes to brain, head,  nerves, my life is in someone's hands I must go to the best.

When I am more alert and not as sore, I will give an update from my own words how the surgery all went.  But briefly, So far I am pretty sure I do not have the occipital pain that I have been enduring for the last year and a half.  All I really feel is numbness and surgery pain, I have three large incisions.  Pictures to show to at one point if you want to see.

I am under doctors care until Wednesday morning and then which I will be coming back home to Pittsburgh if all is good and am sure it will be.  That is all for all but will fill you in with a much more detailed version later on.  Thanks again for all your kindness and thoughts, it means the world to reach out to me.  A simple word or phrase can go along way by showing someone they care and I truly believe that and accept in my heart so thank you. God bless.

DD TestimonialI had headaches everyday for over 13 years.  The pain level was never less than a five, even with strong narcotic pain medication.
I was seriously considering suicide, because, I could not handle the pain.  Then I was lucky enough to have my spouse's doctor recommend Doctor Peled.
Dr. Peled quite literally saved my life.  I can never thank Dr, Peled enough for giving me back my life.  Since the surgery, I am not in pain, I'm a much happier person.  My relationship with my spouse has improved, as has my relationship with my daughters.
I now enjoy the things I gave up because of the constant pain, i.e.: hiking, rock climbing, swimming, having a conversation that doesn't start with..."Damn, my head hurts."
Thank You,

A and B Christmas Card

Merry Christmas!

I'm still doing amazing w/no migraines!  Now I manage a cat rescue in Auburn.  We moved to Auburn a few months ago too.  A million thank yous!

Love, A and B

Ziv Peled, Dr Peled - everyone is doing well. I am so grateful to you! What a blessing that her head pain is gone and she is able to do what she needs to. I haven't been on line much but I definitely want you to know how well she is doing. You're a life saver ! I will get back in touch with you soon. Olivia sends her best to you and to Cary-Anne. :) !


Good morning Dr. Peled,

      Thank you for your email and for being in communication with Dr. Ford.  I am hopeful that the path you and Dr. Ford are directing me in will be an answer to what is going on with me internally that has been causing such life-altering pain.  I will definitely let you know what happens once I have an appointment with the Stanford rhinologist.

     I would be happy to note my experience on the site and will go to facebook as well.  I appreciate the opportunity to rule out the procedures you tried and the way in which you went about helping me, both you and Cary-Anne.

Thank you,

Dr. Peled is one of the truly exceptional doctors in the world. He is empathetic, professional, extremely knowledgeable and very kind. After years of being treated like I was just my pain, Dr. Peled treated me like a person who had pain and promised he would do everything in his ability to help me become a person without pain, in other words, to be able to live again. Make him your doctor, if you need him, and he'll see you through.


AK TestimonialDear Doc P,

I had to make sure to thank you for your amazing healing powers!  You have changed my life so much, my pain is now manageable & my migraines are GONE!!! I dreamt of that long & you & your magic made it happen.  I can't thank you enough, you gave me my life back!

Thank you so very much, 



V and P Testimonial Peled


Dr. Peled,

Thank you so much for everything!  My headache is gone & I can now work on having my life back!  You did a great job on my surgery & you have been so nice & caring throughout this whole process.  You gave me back my life & I don't know how I can thank you enough!  I wish you all the joys + happiness that life has to offer you!



I feel so blessed to have found the ON group + you + thank you so much for giving hope to my daughter + giving her life back.  I thank you for all you do!


This has been a miracle cure for me. I have been completely headache free since February, 2014. I had not gone more than a couple of days without a headache in over 25 years.
My life is so full. I continue to be grateful to Dr. Peled.
Cathy H

Mary S CardDear Doctor Peled and Cary-Anne-
Thank you so much for the graduation card you sent me! It was so sweet, and means a lot, that you two would follow a single patient with such care! I remember being to the point of scoffing whenever anyone said I would "look back" on my headache. It has been an amazing 6 months, and now I am remembering. It is past, and thanks to you. I can start college without pain hindering my efforts and dreams. Thank you for EVERYTHING!
Mary S

I wanted to take a minute and thank you and Dr. Peled. When we first came there, Baily was in so much pain that her eyes had started to loose their joy and sparkle. I was watching my daughter slowly change into someone I didn't know because of all the pain that she was suffering day in and day out. So many nights we spent in tears praying we would find answers and get her well. I want to thank you for giving me my daughter back. She is smiling, joking, laughing and being a teenage brat again :). Watching Baily go through this has been one of the hardest journeys of our lives and we are forever grateful that we found Dr. Peled and the answers we needed to get her back to being well.
Thank you!

I had this surgery performed in my temporal area last fall, and I am SO PLEASED with the results!  I still have chronic daily headaches but the severity has been SIGNIFICANTLY reduced, and the surgical area is 95% pain free.


When my husband was researching for someone and at this point anyone to relieve my debilitating migraines he researched for days.  I had seen every neurologist, every pain specialist, and every migraine specialist across the country with no luck.  I had tried EVERY procedure.  EVERY medication with no relief.  After my neurostimulator came out for the 30th time we had it.  That's when my husband came across peripheral nerve surgeons.  Like I said earlier after days and days of research on different drs. Dr Peled kept coming up.  He had great testimonials, lots of research and most of all he gave insight into what was causing the horrid migraines.  By this time I was back admitted to the hospital to control the pain of the migraines.  We got in contact with Cary-Anne Alvord Dr Peled's office manager and we found HOPE!   We were desperate but gun shy.  We Skype with Dr Peled and we were on a plane two days later.  I am happy to report that our research paid off.  It's been 5 months, 2 procedures and NOT one migraine.  It's a miracle.  Honestly had we not done the research and met with Dr Peled we would still be chasing an answer.  I've been so lucky to find such a kind, knowledgeable and understanding Dr.  If you suffer from migraines you MUST see Dr Peled.  He has changed my life and can certainly do the same for you.  Thank you Doc.  From your most grateful patient!



I had peripheral nerve decompression surgery done by Dr. Ziv Peled in San Francisco.  I am headache free.  I had one surgery done in October of last year and was probably 80% headache free.  I had a second surgery done in February of this year.  I am now headache free.  I suffered for so many years with migraines and the medications I had to take in order to function at any level.  I feel so good and so grateful.  My neurologist, who had become a friend over the years, would not even read the literature that I printed out for him regarding the procedure.  My daughter-in-law, who is a pharmacist, was the only one willing to thoroughly research the procedure.  It is because of her willingness to investigate something new and her encouragement, as well as my confidence in Dr. Peled, that I had the surgery.  There are no words to express my gratitude for the new lease on life that I have.   

It is so sad that people whose lives could be helped by this procedure are discouraged by their own  physicians. I think of this quote. "Contempt prior to investigation leaves a man in everlasting ignorance".  I am exercising, losing weight, planning events......doing all the normal things that one does without a headache or drugs or the fear of getting a headache. Thank you again for everything!!







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